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ZTrak™ Pro 900 Series Lawn Mowers - Z970A
Z970A 37hp Pro, 72-inch 7-Iron™ PRO Deck
Available With:

   * 72-In. 7-Iron™ PRO deck

Mowing Performance

   * A deep-deck design of 5.5-in. delivers excellent airflow so material can be processed quickly and efficiently for a pristine cut.
   * Dual-captured anti-scalp wheels provide deck flotation over even the toughest terrain.
   * 1-in. cold-forged spindles are heat-treated for strength without bulk and are supported by ball bearings, providing reliability and performance; spindle housings are ribbed cast aluminum providing both excellent strength and heat dissipation.

Superior Controllability

   * 13cc piston pump for greater efficiency and performance.
   * 13cc piston wheel motor for increased power and efficiency, includes gear reduction for increased torque to the drive tires.
   * Two-position adjustable dampers allows operator to select the desired amount of stick effort.

Ease of Use

   * With the Brake & Go starting system, the operator simply needs to set the parking brake and turn the key to start the mower. No more worrying about the position of the control sticks.
   * The Height-of-Cut Adjustment allows the operator to quickly and easily select their preferred mowing height by simply turning the dial.
   * Flat-free front caster tires with rounded shoulders to minimize downtime and reduce turf scuffing.
   * Exclusive Comfort & Convenience puts control right at the operator's finger tips. For example, at the push of a button, the operator can raise or the lower the deck. Or, the operator can push another button that shuts off the PTO.
   * On-board Diagnostics allows the operator or dealer to quickly diagnose the machine.
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